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Creating Connections

The goal of both our faculty and Career Connection is student success.  By working together, faculty and Career Connections can ensure the transition from student to a member of the workforce is as seamless as possible.Here are just some of the ways we can help you. Please call Career Connections to determine how, together, we can achieve student success. We look forward to working with you.

How We Can Help You:

1.  We know employers who want to know you.

2.  We help students master the job interview.

3.  Our Job Fairs attract many recruiters to one event.

4.  We'll bring the information to your class.

5.  We assist in identifying work-based learning opportunities.

Smart Work Ethics

Effective Steps to Personal Responsibility in the Workplace

Smart Work Ethics is all about people and how to allow them to get beyond the revolving door of entry level jobs.  Students will learn their strengths, stressors and values and how this affects their job.  It also teaches them how to relate to others.