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10 Ways to Help Your Student Succeed

Don’t let your student wait until graduation is just around the corner to start preparing for employment, we strongly encourage students to learn about us and to use our services as early as possible.  If a student doesn't start early, he or she may miss out on employability training workshops, learning about excellent work-based opportunities, attending employer networking events and job postings for employment opportunities.    

1: Advise

Advise your student to familiarize themselves with all Employment Services has to offer. 

2: Inform

Inform your student on the importance of writing a resume.

  • A resume is a marketing tool, that is likely to be evaluated in less than 20 seconds; therefore, you want to make sure your students resume is concise, easy to read and attractive. Encourage your student to attend the resume building workshop to build a resume on the resume builder that is competitive, effective and sure to get them noticed.  Employment services offers resume critiques and we highly recommend that the final product be critiqued by and Employment Services professional.

3: Promote

Promote your student utilizing Career Connection. 

  • The career connection site allows students to build a resume/references in minutes, upload images of their best work and certifications, track their work-based learning opportunities and apply for positions allowing potential employers to download their portfolio for review. It is easily accessed at

4: Emphasize

Emphasize the importance of work-based learning. 

  • How do I get a job without any experience? How do I get experience without having a job?  This is a dilemma that many students face as they prepare themselves for graduation and beyond.  Work-based learning allows students to combine classroom learning with professional work experience in their chosen field of study. Your son or daughter can sample career options by participating in a work-based learning opportunity or by experimenting with part-time or summer employment.

5: Support

Support extracurricular involvement

  • Part of experiencing high school life is to be involved and active outside the classroom. Interpersonal and leadership skills—qualities valued by future employers—are often developed in extracurricular activities. At MNTC your student will have the opportunity to join or run for an office in their student organization and to compete in state and national contests.

6: Help

Help your student to stay up-to-date with current events. 

  • Employment Services provides a variety of workshops, programs, and career fairs throughout the year to assist your student with networking and obtaining careers.  To see a calendar of these exciting opportunities view upcoming events.

7: Challenge

Challenge your student to do career research.  

  • " Ask: "Do you have any ideas about where you might want to do when you graduate?"  If your student seems unsure, you can talk about personal qualities you see as talents and strengths. You can also recommend:
    • Taking the Fit First workforce assessment. 
    • Conducting an informational interview with someone that does what they want to do.
    • Researching a variety of interesting career fields and employers on

8: Encourage

Encourage your student to follow the employment services steps to career success. 

9: Talk

Talk to your student about their online reputation.

  • Talk (educate) to your student about the negative effects (serious threat) social media can have on their academic and professional future.
  • Explain that there are potentially serious consequences to sharing their entire lives on social media and discuss the value of privacy and acting appropriately online. 

10. Support

Support Employment Services. Call Employment Services when you have a summer, part-time, or full-time job opening. The staff will help you find a hard-working student. If your company offers work-based learning opportunities, have them listed on Career Connection.