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PARENTS Stay Connected!

Thank you for taking an interest in your student’s career development.  We know that involved parents and families play a critical role in a student’s academic and career success.  In order to enhance your ability to assist your student, the Employment Services Department has compiled a list of 10 steps to help you to guide your student to build a strong foundation for employment. We encourage you to use this list to become better informed and more active in your student’s career development.  Let’s work together to ensure our students develop the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace.

10 Ways to Help Your Student Succeed

Don’t let your student wait until graduation is just around the corner to start preparing for employment, we strongly encourage students to learn about us and to use our services as early as possible.  If a student doesn't start early, he or she may miss out on employability training workshops, learning about excellent work-based opportunities, attending employer networking events and job postings for employment opportunities.