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Recruit on Campus

Sign up for our online system Career Connection to:

Be a Featured Business

As a Featured Business we will publicize your presence on campus and allow students the opportunity to visit with you on breaks and during the lunch hour.  This is an excellent way to educate MNTC students about your company, and the various job opportunities you have available.

Participate in Mock Interview Day

Searching for your next best employee?    

Mock Interview Day is a  wonderful opportunity to meet prospective students, promote your company, connect and network with faculty and build relationships throughout Moore Norman. 

Join a Program Advisory Committee

One of the most effective ways of providing a link between the community, employers and the technology center is through program advisory committees. Advisory committees are essential to the successful initiation of technical/occupational programs, and they play an important role in guiding, strengthening, and improving existing programs.

Recruit at Job Fairs

Connect with students and alumni at our industry specific fairs geared towards specific career areas.  These events are not only a great way to recruit qualified candidates seeking part-time, full-time and work-based learning opportunities,they also allow you to promote and maintain your company's brand on-campus. 

Offer Industry Work Experience

Students are given the opportunity to perform a set of skills in a particular industry, for a period of time determined by their area of study.  MNTC and industry training sponsors work together to create a structured learning experience closely connected to the academic and technical content learning in the classroom.  The following are all considered Industry Work Experience: 

  •  OJT
  • Externships
  • Internships
  • Cooperative Work Experience
  • Technical Mentorships
  • Apprenticeships

Sponsor the Career Portfolio Contest

Portfolios are a great way for a student to showcase their best work to potential employers!  

Students will have the opportunity to create a resume and compile it with academic information, work samples, work-based learning history and any other documents that reflect their accomplishments into a single portfolio.  This portfolio can be entered in the Career Portfolio Scholarship Contest to win one of three scholarships.